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Acting as a UK reseller for Hamburg based GfS; one of the leading European manufacturers of escape route security systems and door technology components, Integrated Access offers the ExitShield range of emergency exit monitoring products, designed to discourage the misuse and abuse of Exit Doors and to assist in compliance with the new European EN regulations governing the use of mechanically operated emergency and panic locks:

EN179 for Emergency Exit Doors:

  • This norm is applicable when the personnel know the function of the doors and their locking arrangements, e.g. in office buildings without public access, student hostels, factories, laboratories and retirement homes. If only a small number of people are involved, a situation of danger does not result in panic. People in this situation can overcome their initial fear and react in a rational matter so long as they have been well informed and trained. All products used at the emergency exit have to be approved as a whole unit by an official institute of product and materials testing and must conform to the maximum release power and handle measurements stipulated.

EN1125 for Panic Doors

  • This norm is used for public buildings where visitors do not know the function of the emergency exit doors but must still be able to use it without instruction in an emergency e.g. in cinemas, schools, department stores, hotels, hospitals, theatres and discotheques. In the event of danger, a panic situation is likely to arise so everyone must be able to open the doors without previous knowledge. Only panic bars which cover at least 60% of the door leaf are permitted and the panic bar and lock combination have to be certified together by an official institute of product and materials testing and must not exceed a maximum trigger power of 80 Newton.

As one of the major producers of escape route monitoring systems, GfS has been designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative product solutions since 1977. High-quality systems and many years of experience, combined with technical expertise, creativity and innovation have helped this family-run company to develop into a worldwide success.

In order to better meet market requirements, Integrated Access continuously expands its product range and today this extends from simple cost-effective solutions through to high-quality door monitoring systems

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